Should You Choose a Psychic or Channeled Reading?

Happy holidays! They get here so quickly and they seem to pass in the blink of an eye . I hope as you're reading this you're finding yourself enjoying the season.

I frequently get asked what the difference is between a Psychic Reading and a Channeled Reading. A psychic reading gives insight into your life---career, love, problem resolution, challenges, business, plans, children, spouses, and other areas; it answers questions you have when you're not sure what decision to make, or what the future holds. One thing I always tell people is that the future can often be changed. You can hear something in a reading and decide you want to change your path and start doing things a different way to try to change the outcome. Psychic Readings a couple times a year are a great way to see if you're heading on the right path toward your goals.

Channeled readings involve contact with loved ones that have passed away. Often those of us who are left behind when someone passes have questions for our loved ones, or need closure; sometimes we're not sure exactly what happened to make a loved one pass so we need to hear it from the source. Channeled readings are a good way to touch base with our loved ones and realize that no one is ever gone and we always have angels looking out for us.

Whether choosing a psychic reading or a channeled reading, most clients tell me they feel very happy with the information they receive and feel very comfortable during their appointment.

To book an appointment for either a psychic reading or a channeled reading, visit the "Services" page of my website and choose the type of service you want. Instructions for scheduling and paying are on that same page.

New in 2016 I also am offering Gift Certificates for purchase to give as gifts. Readings start at $50 so they make a wonderful gift for the friend or family member you know who need guidance or closure.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I hope to see you each soon!

Love & Light,


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