Individual Private Mediumship Reading

Donna uses the process of automatic writing during her readings. When meeting with her for a mediumship reading to receive messages from loved ones that have passed on, Donna will begin by asking you to say your first name and ask that you hold any questions until she has established a strong connection with your loved one. Although Donna can't guarantee that you will hear from a specific person, usually if there is someone you really want to make contact with, they almost always show up during the course of the reading. Frequently that spirit/angel will have a communicator, which usually is someone you haven't thought of in a long time, that they use to prove to you that they are really there. They will usually relay some bit of information that only you, or a select few may know. 


Private mediumship readings are generally reserved for one person, but if you request to have a second person in the room if should be someone who is trying to contact the same spirit such as a husband and wife trying to contact their lost child, or siblings reaching out to the same parent.


Please let Donna know in advance if you plan to bring a second person into the private reading as there is an additional $25 sitting fee.


Mediumship readings with spirits/angels tend to be very emotionally charged, so try to be as free of stress as possible to allow communication to flow easily.

GROUP Mediumship Reading

Up to 7 people. Each person will receive a brief message.

If you would like to schedule a private group Mediumship Reading (up to 7 people) at your location please contact me with your location, preferred dates, and the number of guests that will be in attendance. Group Mediumship Readings are done gallery-style with participants sitting in chairs in a circle. Everyone in the group will receive a brief message from a friend or family member who has passed on. Readings for each person will NOT be as long as a private reading for 1 person. Private Mediumship Readings call or email for details.


60 Minute Group Mediumship Reading= $200

(Up to 7 guests. Each person will receive a brief message.)

90 Minute Group Mediumship Reading= $250

(Up to 7 guests. Each person will receive a brief message.)

Locations more than 20 miles of Macomb, MI require travel expenses to be paid.


For groups larger than 7 people, please email or call with details.


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