Recognition & Achievements

Psychic Investigator


While working in  Toronto, Donna was approached by CBC News and The Windsor Police Dept. about a missing persons case who was a male missing  and presumed dead. Donna led the police to him in Florida 6 weeks later and he was alive as she predicted. This is all documented in CBC News archives. This is just one public example. There are others cases, but due to personal privacy boundries and respect to the families involved these will remain private.

Paranormal Investigator


Donna has been a team member with S.P.I. for the past year. She brings with her over 20 years experience studing and investigating the paranormal. Her time is donated and is just another way to give back to the communitee when called upon.  Her position is to help prove or debunk claims that their clients present to them and help put them at ease. In the process hopefully help find the answers to what is or isn't out there...

Trauma & Loss Consultant


With Donna's compassion and over whelming desire to serve. She decided 15 years ago to find a school she could attend to better understand what families were going though with there loss. Through her ability in channeling as a medium these chinldren who have passed, Donna knew she had to reach out and help in some way. She found TLC and has graduated over a decade ago. This training coencides with individuals and families dealing with loss. TLC's mission is to bring out the best in every traumatized child by creating environments where children can flourish. Currently over 5,000 TLC Certified Trauma and Loss School Specialists and Clinical Specialists provide TLC interventions and resources to children, adolescents, families, schools and communities daily.

Domestic Violence Peer Ambassador


Donna is a Peer Ambasssador and also speaks on behalf of the Macomb County Survivers Speakers Bureau along with being on the council for Domestic Violence.

Hospice Volunteer


Donna takes great pride in the volunteer work she does for hospice for the past 7 years and visits her patients weekly.

Int'l Association of Counselors and Therapists

Donna has been a member of I.A.C.T. for over 20 years and as a hypnotherapist was privileged enough to been instructed by the founder and pioneer in hypnosis John Ted Ellicott.

Edgar Cayce's Association of
Research & Enlightenment


A.R.E. was founded by Edgar Cayce who was also known as,

"The Sleeping Prophet." Donna has been a member for over 20 years.

Institute of Noetic Science (O.I.N.S.)

A Member for 15 years. The institutes primary areas are consciousness and healing, extended human capacities, and emerging world views.

"Through The eye's of a Psychic Medium"
An interview with Peter Tongue

This was a wonderful fire side chat with Q and A and a heart felt converation with the host - Peter Tongue . Below you will find a four part series of this wonderful on the arrows and enjoy.

Part  1  
Part  2  
Part  3 
Part  4  

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